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For the Marine & Industrial sectors, we have a range of composite cutting compounds and industrial adhesives.

Farecla Profile & Sika Marine/Industrial are typically used in the repair or manufacture of fibreglass boats, caravans, ute canopies, shower enclosures, kayaks and many more.

Farecla   Farecla    Profile
Profile 300 Paste
>Ideal for the removal of P1200 abrasive marks >Versatile cut & polish compound >Restores weathered gel coat >Cut & polish in 1 step   Product Size Code  Profile 300 paste (original 300) CHFA01300X&n... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Profile
Profile Premium Coarse Paste
>Ideal for the removal of P800 abrasive marks >Formulated for hard surfaces, mould, composites, old gel coat >To achieve high gloss, polish with Profile Finish (Step 2) >Machine application only >Silicone free  ... more info
Sika   Sika    Sealing
Sikafast Fast Cure
> Fast curing, flexibilised structural adhesive designed to replace mechanical fixings such as rivets, screws or welding> It is suitable for high strength fastening of concealed joints> Acrylate Product Size Code Sikafast 250ml SIKAFA/... more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
290i Dc Pro Deck Caulking
> Weather resistant> Formulated for caulking joints in traditional timber marine decking> Polyurethane> Black in colour Product Size Code 290IDC 300ml SIKA290IDC/300 290IDC 600ml SIKA290IDC/600 more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
291 General Marine Adhesive
> A multipurpose product for marine construction where elastic, vibration resistant joint sealing is required > Polyurethane  > Available in black, white and aluminium grey colours     Product ... more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
292 Structural Adhesive
    > Suitable for structural joints under high dynamic stresses in marine constructions > Suitible to bond metals, aluminium (incl anodized), metal primers and paint coatings, ceramic materials, plastics & ABS > Not su... more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
295uv Plastic Glazing
    > Weather resistant - used to bond and seal plastic glazing materials in marine industry > Suitable substrates are aluminium (bright or anodized), GRP, stainless steel, timber and plastic glazing > Polyurethane > Av... more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
296 Mineral Glass Glazing
> Ideal for direct glazing applications in both the OEM and repair marine industry> Suitable with all types of mineral glass glazing> Polyurethane > Black in colour more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
298 Deck Bond Bed Seal
> Ideal for bonding deck covering materials made from synthetic resins and for bedding-in and sealing of teak plank decking laid on top of the subdeck surface> Polyurethane Product Size Code   298 600ml SIKA298... more info
Sika   Sika    Marine
208 Sub Floor Bond Adhesive
> An elastic adhesive suitable for bonding many rubber, timber and other flooring materials to concrete, timber and metal sub-floor> Polyurethane Product Size Code   208 16kg SIKA208   more info
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