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We have a wide range of advanced products designed to improve efficiency in auto repairs. Farecla cutting & polishing compounds, Lord Fusor panel repair adhesives, Sika adhesives & body protection, Trade Haus masking tapes, Timeshaver panel stands and General consumables.

Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
Farecla G360 Superfast Compound
G360 SUPER FAST COMPOUND Permanent finish – no reworks Using G360 Superfast Compound with 2 pads to cut and polish Save time and money No need for denibbing with P3000 sandpaper Removes hologram and swirl marks G360 Sup... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G3 Premium
>Specially developed for the new ENERGT & HYPER solid paints >Long lasting high gloss finish >Clean finish, no staining or hazing >Gives a high gloss finish eliminating the need to polish or glaze >Permanent removal of 1500 scr... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
Farecla Free Offer
Buy any 1 litre of the compounds listed below. You will get a FREE GMop compounding head RRP$25 > G3 Premium CHFAG3P101 > G3 Extra CHFAG3E124 > G6 Rapid CHFA02005 > Advance G3 CHFA07010 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G3 Extra Plus
> Cuts 30% faster than its nearest competitor > Perform best with wool pads > Dry use, no clean up & no mess > Suitable for MS and HS paintwork Product Size & Code 1 ltr CHFAG3E124   more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G3 Paste
>Great general purpose cutting.>Easy to use - machine or hand application.>Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks quickly and easily. >Silicone free.>Suitable for all MS auto paintsProduct Size Code 250g CHFA02010 400g CHFA02014 1kg CHFA02013 3kg CHFA... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G3 Adv Liquid
>Great general purpose cutting>Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks>Can be used with wool or foam>Requires less water to lubricate>Easy to use - machine or hand application>Silicone freeProduct Size CodeG3 Liquid 500ml CHFA07015G3 Liquid 1ltr CHFA07... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G6 Rapid Liquid
>Formulated for HS & MS paint>Dry use with no clean up>Removes P1500 or finer abrasives marks>Contains no fillers and Silicone free Product Size Code 1ltr CHFA02005 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Compounds
G6 Rapid Paste
>Designed for HS and MS paint>Best result when used with Rapid Pads>Removes P1500 or finer abrasive marks>Contains no masking fillers and Silicone free Product Size & Code 400g CHFA02004 3kg CHFA02003 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Polish
G3 Fine Polish
>Permanent swirl & hologram remover>A super fine polish for the ultimate finish>Restores dull paint into high gloss finish>Easy to use. Silicone free>Can be applied by hand or machine. Product Size Code 500g CHFAG3F501 1kg CHFAG3F101 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Protection
Premium Wax
>Long lasting protection from sun & contaminants >Suitable for new or fully cured paintwork >Does not stain plastic or rubber >Will not dry out in direct sunlight >Ideal for hand or machine application. >Silicone free &nbs... more info
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