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We stock a wide range of high quality tools & equipment for the auto repair, marine & industrial sectors to help our customers to achieve high productivity & cost efficiency. We are committed to Quality, Performance and Good Value.

Astro Pneumatic   Air    Tools
Air Riveter
>Powerful, durable, high speed production tool.>Quick release air valve permits cylinder to return quickly for high speed.>Performs well at any angle.>Gets into hard-to-reach areas. >Provides quick, quiet and comfortable operation prev... more info
Astro Pneumatic   Air    Tools
Belt Sander
>20mm x 520mm belt size >Heavy duty >Variable speed >Non-slip handle grip & belt guard Code         Size TOAS3035 20mm x 520mm   more info
Astro Pneumatic   Air    Tools
Door Skinning Tool
>Saves significant time and cost in skinning doors. >Faster than any other method. >Factory like results in one pass. >One hand operation. Model Code DS1000 TOASDS1000   more info
Astro Pneumatic   Air    Tools
Mini Air Polisher
>Direct drive mini polisher.>2500 rpm. >75mm backing pad.>Part of the Smart Repair KitModel Code3055 TOAS3055 more info
Astro Pneumatic   Air    Tools
Reversable Air Drill
>3/8", 1800 rpm >Lightweight & compact >One hand reverse lever >Built-in muffler for noise reduction Code            Size TOAS525C    3/8"  ... more info
Hutchins   Air    Tools
Blue Top
>Random orbit action. >Ultra-fine finishing in a lightweight- low profile configuration. >Composite motor housing and shroud reduce weight and insulate the operator from vibration. >Ultra smooth motor with positive action drive and unique... more info
Hutchins   Air    Tools
Hustler 2000
>Strightline, reciprocal action.   >Two in line cylinders, micro honed to eliminate cylinder wall drag, power an oversized high allow piston. >Double rack and pinion gear assemblies give twice normal gear contact for maximum bala... more info
Hutchins   Air    Tools
>Vacuum-Assist.>Offset Random-Orbit Action Sander.>American-Made.>Light Weight, Ergonomic Design.>Includes a 150mm hook pad.>Avaliable in 2.5mm or 5.0mm orbitModel Orbit-Size Code520 2.5mm TOHU520620 5.0mm TOHU620 more info
Time Shaver   Panel    Stand
Panel Thing
>The heavy duty Panel Thing is designed and developed for convenience and efficiency, to hold, transport, and rotate hinge mounted body parts found on cars and light trucks. >Adjustable gas strut arm provides effortless rotation for bonnets, boots, d... more info
Time Shaver   Panel    Stand
Wing Thing
>The heavy duty Wing Thing needs only one employee to safely roll parts in and out of the booth. >Rotate the parts, not the painters. >Position parts in the best light for spray.  >Allows the painter to control the direction of th... more info
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