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Automotive   Farecla    Pads

Farecla   Farecla    Pads
75mm Black Polishing Pad
> 75mm polishing pad> Comes in a pack of 5> Ideal for use in small area polishing > Hook attachment > For use with Farecla polishing compound> High gloss finish Size Code 75mm GMF301 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
75mm Yellow Compound Foam
> 75mm compounding pad> Comes in a pack of 5> Durable and high performance> Ideal for use in small area refinish> Hook attachmentSize Code75mm GMC312 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Double Sided Wool Pad
> Double-sided wool pad > Hook attachment system > Cuts faster & more aggressively than foam > Recommended for composite materials > Cuts & polishes to a high gloss shine Size  Code 200mm GMW806   more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Advanced G Mop Compounding Head 14mm
> 150mm foam applicator with dual layer foam for a faster cut> Durable & rugged construction> Includes backing plate with 14mm thread Product CodeAGM-14 CHFA02038 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
G Mop Compounding Foam
> 150mm foam pad> Designed for "wet use" > With dual layer foam for a faster cut> Hook attachment system> Durable & rugged construction Size Code 150mm GMC606 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Advanced G-mop Lambswool Compounding Pad
> 150mm & 200mm lambswool pad> Hook attachment system > Cuts faster than foam > Polishes to a high gloss finish Size Code 150mm GML601 200mm GML801 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Rapid Compound Foam (150mm)
> Designed for dry compounding> High performance & quick result> Open-cell pores prevent excessive heat > Flexible for working around contour surfaces > Durable and robust construction> Comes in pack of two pads ProductCode 150mm GMC612 200mm GMC81... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Black Finishing Foam
> Available in 150mm & 200mm > Black foam pad for finishing step> Foam cell designed to prevent heat> Includes hook velcro > Robust and rugged constructionSize Code150mm GMF601200mm GMF801 more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Farecla Backing Plate (150mm)
> Available in 150mm & 200mm > Designed for the Yellow compounding pad > Elastic interface ensures durability & flexibility > Hook attachment system > Standard 14mm thread connector   Product Code 150mm BPI601 ... more info
Farecla   Farecla    Pads
Advanced G-mop Wool Pad
> 200mm wool pad> With hook attachment system> Maximum performance & cut> High quality heavy duty dense weave> Red line in woven fibres wovenProduct Code 200mm GMW801 more info
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